Who we are

Crowdarts is a crowdfunding platform that aims to contribute to the “sustainability and dissemination of the artistic culture” at European and International level to allow the field of Performing Arts to evolve, innovate and regenerate.

We believe that the crowdfunding and the sharing  economy can help creative and independent artists to find new spaces for the production and dissemination of their projects.

Through the instrument of the crowdfunding, artists and professionals in Performing Arts have the opportunity to experiment new processes to involve the local and international community before, during and after the realization of their projects.

We believe in the citizens and creators who use the instrument of crowdfunding, not only to give and receive money, but because they recognize the central role of culture and are firmly convinced that a community without culture is a community without freedom.

Crowdarts is a project created to promote the presence of shows, performances and creative projects related to Performing Arts within the territories and communities at the International level , believing that the presence of these projects is a key factor that contributes to the development of the community itself .

People in Action, Performing Arts in Revolution!

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