How it works

Crowdarts is the first Crowdfunding platform and Community dedicated to Performing Art which enables the spreading and realization of innovative ideas in this sector through the support of the community.

With Crowdarts we do not want only to offer crowdfunding services but in the long run we want to become the “first dedicated on-line platform and community supporting performing art creativity”.

People in Action, Performing Art in Revolution!

Crowdarts offer an algorithm  able to sustain the Creator’s ideas and  to create better connect with partners and backers. We offer a dynamic environment to test and validate ideas and to promote and market new cultural projects.

Crowdarts, with its partners, will offer a new sustainable model for the sector allowing access to ‘alternative’ funding and ensuring, via the crowdfunding test, the quality of work and competences of Campaign Creators. 

With our platform we believe we can offer the following benefits:

  • Create new sources of economic sustainability for the Performing Art market.
  • Validate Creator’s ideas and projects.
  • Invent new interaction spaces between backers, creators and co-producers.
  • Create a supporting community.
  • Built an international network of professionals.
  • Exchange “good practices” between Creators of campaigns and the other actors of the network.
  • Create a community that invest in places and peoples at local level
  • Develop a new strategy of audience development.
  • Encourage the audience to learn about the long “lifetime” of a Performing Art project and the long work behind it.

Crowdarts’s Team selects proposed campaigns  based on some fundamental criterias: innovation degree of the idea, originality of the used language, achievability, transparency and the respect of the Crowdarts Terms of Use and Rules.

Do you have a great idea to develop in the  Performing Art sector and do  you  want to launch a Production Crowdfunding Campaign on Crowdarts?

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Do you want to discover, support and finance a great and innovative crowdfunding production campaign in Performing Arts?

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