Crowdshow is a new crowdfunding functionality to ecourage and support the distribution, innovation and growth in Performing Arts.

Throught the Crowdshow campaign service, Professionals, Artists, Venues, Network in Performing Arts can distribute their projects and organize their events all around the world with the support of the community!

1.Describe your project 

Crowdarts offers you an easy tool to describe the Performing Arts project that you want to distribute or programming.

The proposer of a Crowdshow campaign can be an Artist, a Venue, a Network, etc.

The project has to be already produced and finished and can be a show, a performance, an installation, a film, etc. in Performing Arts.

Remember everything starts with a good presentation!

2. Enter the name of the Venue and the Project

Each Crowdshow needs to have a project to program and a Venue interested in programming it.

If you are still looking for Venue or a project to create a Crowdshow campaign, try to find it through our Marketplace service before creating your Crowdshow campaign. 

3. Define a minimum tickets number required to fund the event

To cover your event production cost you need to define  a minimum number of tickets pre-order  for the event to give as rewards during your  Crowdshow campaign.

4. Submit your Crowdshow campaign to our Team

We will make sure that your Crowdshow campaign will start in the best way!

5. Your Crowdshow is on line!

Ones that Crowdarts have accepted your Crowdshow, your campaign will be on line and  together with the Venue and the Crowdarts support you will share your campaign all around the world.

6. Manage the progress of your Campaign

With your Crowdarts dashboard you can easily follow the progress of your Campaign and find out who your backers are.

7. Reach your Goal and realize your event!

Congratulations! You did it!

Now get ready for the event!

8. Send pre-orders tickets 

Don’t forget that people who supported your campaign are waiting to receive their invitation to your event!

You can send a coupon of the future ticket that they will change at the box office the day of the event.

9.Show your project around the World!

Now you are ready to do go and enjoy your event together with your Venue.

10.Keep your backers and community engaged

Through your Crowdshow campaign page, you can keep your community updated about your event and share your experience.

Type of Crowdshow Campaign:

All or nothing (Crowdarts applies a 9% fee on the total amount raised).

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Please upgrade today!