Finance your Idea

We support Creators by connecting them with the Crowd Community Space!

In the Crowdarts Production SpaceCreators and Professionals in the Performing Arts can create projects, and raise money to finance them, through the support of the community.

1. Describe your idea and build your Campaign

Through Crowdarts we offer you an easy tool to present your organization, describe your idea and build your campaign.

2. Get feedback from the Crowdarts Team

Crowdarts selects projects based on some fundamental criteria: innovation, originality, interdisciplinarity, achievability and transparency.

3. Exchange feedback on your campaign

Friends and colleagues who follow your campaign can preview and give feedback on it.

4. Launch your campaign all around the world!

Share your campaign with all the people you know and with the Crowdarts community all around the world.

5. Manage your campaign progress

With your Crowdarts dashboard you can easily follow the progress of your campaign and find out who your backers are and where they are from.

6. Reach your Goal and realize your project!

Congratulations! You did it!

Now your project can take off !

7. Send Rewards

Don’t forget that the people who supported your campaign are waiting for your exciting and special rewards!

8. Keep your backers and community engaged

Through your Crowdarts campaign page, you can share your story and update your community on the project evolution.

9. Keep the Performing Arts Revolution going!

With your campaign you contributed to the Performing Arts Revolution!

Type of Production Campaign:

a) Take it all (Crowdarts applies a 7% fee on the total amount raised).

b) All or nothing (Crowdarts applies a 5% fee on the total amount raised).

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